2″ XC70 P2 Lift Kit (2000 to mid-2007)


FREE SHIPPING IN THE US! IN STOCK! Our 2″ (52mm) lift kit fit 2000* to mid-2007 Volvo AWD V70 XC & XC70 P2 platforms with standard suspensions (non-Nivomat, non-4C).Be sure to check your rear suspension before ordering! These kits will not fit Nivomat-equipped vehicles. The determine if you have Nivomats is by looking for a large rubber accordion boot on your rear shocks. You can read IPD’s write up on Nivomats here. Lift kits include two front springs (with silencers) and two rear springs for a total lift of approximately 2″. Springs are powder coated in your choice of red or black. International shipping available. 

*Volvo released the P2 to most non-US markets in early 2000, then to North America in 2001. Model year 2001 saw the end of the first-gen V70 and the beginning of the new P2 V70 XC/XC70 in North America.The P3 platform was introduced in mid-2007, so be sure to determine your model before ordering. See our FAQ page for P2 and P3 identification images.

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